Common sod varieties

Being in Florida we do not have the benefits of seeding preferred cultivars like St. Augustine grass or Zoysia grass. Instead, sod farms grow the grasses, cut them out in pieces or rolls, and bring them to your home to install an instant lawn.

When it comes to deciding what variety of grass to put down, eliminate the guesswork and let our professionals evaluate your property, and eliminate costly mistakes like planting the wrong grass.

New sod is susceptible to many issues during the grow-in phase. Additional watering is required and can cause excessive weeds, insects, and especially disease. Our recommendation? Go with a company that does it all and eliminate the finger-pointing that happens when things go wrong!

St. Augustine grass

  • Floratam

    Blue-Green Color, Most Popular St. Augustine, Durable, Best in Full Sun, Moderate Cold Tolerance

  • Seville

    Dark Green Color, Fine Textured St. Augustine, Excellent Shade Tolerance, Low Mowing Height

  • Palmetto

    Beautiful Emerald Green Color, Superior Shade Tolerance, Top Cold Tolerance for a St. Augustine, Excellent Heat Tolerance

  • Undefined

    Drought Tolerant, Versatile Grass, #1 Sold Patented and Trademarked Turf in the World

  • Sapphire

    Beautiful Blue-Green Color, Rapid Lateral Growth/Fast Injury Recovery, Good Drought Tolerance, Lower Nitrogen Requirements, Massive Root System, Performs Well in Sub-Tropical South, Good Shade Tolerance

Our Guarantee

We guarantee new sod for 30 days. This guarantee is conditioned upon the customer following the technicians instruction, water and mowing practices. Using our lawn care program will also extend the new sod guarantee for an additional 30 days.

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