Household pest prevention

Maybe when thinking about Turfmaster you’re not thinking indoor pest control. But we’ve being eliminating pests for over 20 years. Our experienced technicians are consistently trained in the latest techniques in controlling all types of problems from roaches to rodents to armadillos. We try to avoid liquid sprays indoors and stick to safer mediums like granules, baits and dusts hidden away from pets and children.

When you have a pest problem or want to protect your home from future invaders, we apply our knowledgeable approach to help identify the root of your problem and implement a solution made expressly for your home. During every visit, we will use the Integrated Pest Management process to inspect, implement, and monitor your home’s pest population.

Money Back Guarantee

All services are guaranteed on a regular service program.  If you’re completely unsatisfied we will refund your last regular service payment.  This guarantee is conditioned upon the customer following the technicians instruction, water and pruning practices.

Lots Of Bang For Your Buck

  • Detailed invoices

  • Perimeter applications

  • Ant & roach specific baiting

  • Exterior web sweeping

  • Wasp and Mud dauber knockdown

  • Free service calls

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Go With

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