We love your garden just as much as you do

At Turfmaster we have the knowledge and experience to know what your lawn needs.  Servicing lawns for better than two decades, we give your lawn special attention right from the start. Every lawn is different and requires different solutions. Custom blended fertilizers will give your lawn superior color and vigor while systemic insecticides provide seasonal protection.  A thick, healthy lawn will block out most problems including certain weeds but when weed control is necessary we apply all the latest herbicides.

Money Back Guarantee

All services are guaranteed on a regular service program.  If you’re completely unsatisfied we will refund your last regular service payment.  This guarantee is conditioned upon the customer following the technicians instruction, water and pruning practices.

Lots Of Bang For Your Buck

  • Detailed invoices

  • Granular slow release fertilizers

  • Liquid fertilizers with essential minor elements

  • Insect control against all lawn damaging insects

  • Weed control for treatable weeds

  • Minor disease control

  • Pre-emergent weed control to prevent weed germination

  • Free service calls in between regular applications

  • Minor fire ant and flea control

Go With

The Gnome

Go With

The Gnome